For the parents – Complete involvement of parent in the child’s journey with Autumn Leaves. We go an extra mile to provide the personal involvement regarding each issue that the parent might have.

For the child – ‘Low teacher to child ratio’ ensures a home like environment to each child. Overall development and safety of the child is the highestpriority. Exposure to multiple languages along with the regional language is a focus area.

For the franchisee – We believe that each and every admission at each franchise center is equally important for us as it is to the franchise. A family like environment is ensured for each of the franchisee to make them and the brand to grow.

For the faculty – Preschool teaching is one of the best offering for a healthy work life balance. A friendly environment is ensured for each and every staff member of Autumn Leaves as we believe it’s a team effort and only a happy team can give its best.

The curriculum is an integration of Montessori and Kindergarten methods of education.

Equal focus is given on physical, cognitive, interpersonal and emotional development of the child.

Sensitivity towards nature and introduction to our culture are considered equally important as the curriculum.

Toddler – 1 – 1.8 years

Playgroup – 1.8 – 2.8 years

Pre KG – 2.8 – 3.8 years

LKG – 3.8 – 4.8 years

UKG – 4.8 – 5.8 years

First 5 years of our life are the most formative years and a majority of learning and development happens during these years. Preschool education ensures complete development of child in a home like environment and hence the child is better prepared to face the challenges of the main stream school.

Each day at Autumn Leaves begins with a smile! This is followed by prayer, yoga and exercise to bring out the bundle of energy present in each child. The child then heads to the classroom for a bunch of new, fun based activities and learns something new. The day ends with some play time and a smile which says that we look forward to the next day with each child!

At Autumn Leaves we would celebrate each festival in a grand way to enable the child to understand our culture. Sports day, Annual day, Fancy dress,Grandparents day, mother’s day, father’s day – are some of the extra activities that we conduct.

Regular Parent Teacher meetings are conducted to keep the parent well involved and informed about the child’s progress at Autumn Leaves.